The Fault In Our Stars



Pain demands to be felt.

And oh boy was it felt in the tear-jerking teen romance story, The Fault In Our Stars. This film is an adaptation of John Green’s book of the same title. I did read the book before I watched the movie, as I usually do, but it didn’t help me prepare for the river of tears I cried anyway.

Hazel Grace Lancaster has cancer, and cancer sucks. Augustus Waters, a devilishly handsome boy in remission, meets her in group therapy. But all Hazel wants to do is push everyone possible away to “minimize the casualties”. Augustus won’t have it. After much resistance on Hazel’s part, they fall in love.

It’s a beautiful story about love, loss, and sickness. Being an avid fan of the book, I found this to be one of the most faithful book to film adaptations of a story. I had re-read the book a few days before and couldn’t believe how much came straight from the book. Director Josh Boone took a story that had a large following, knowing that fans would be highly critical, and didn’t disappoint.

Casting here was strange for me, only because Shailene Woodley(Hazel) and Ansel Elgort(Augustus) were recently portrayed as brother and sister in a different book adaptation, Divergent. However, their chemistry on screen was undeniable. They’re both a little awkward, but cutely so. Woodley did a fantastic job of portraying what it’s like to die, without knowing what dying feels like. Elgort’s character was also solid, and as cool and collected as he was in the book. After watching, I couldn’t think of better casting myself.

Boone made some tweaks to the story, but they were minor. I did miss some of the smaller details, but if you haven’t read the book, you won’t miss them. In fact, I love what Boone did with the cancer support group. All of the members of the support group were cancer survivors, which was a fantastic touch. Mike Birbiglia(Patrick) did a great job of being the comic relief with his “literal heart of jesus” as the leader of the support group, and we were even given a more detailed description of him than in the book through flashbacks, which was nice.

This movie had me crying way before I should have, but that was because I knew what was coming and those moments where they were together and happy had more weight to them. So if you’re heading to the theatre or reading this in the future and planning on renting, one word of advice, BRING TISSUES! I give a 9/10



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